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About DollarMonster

Hello, my name is James Evans.  I've been trading stocks for over 6 years now, over this time I have perfected and created the "DollarMonster Method" to creating a huge income online from just trading stocks.

I started out by working for the family business that my parents started.  By the time I reached high school, I decided I wanted to get more involved with it.


Fresh out of High School, and in my early 20's online stock trading was just becoming a thing.  Of course E-trade and Ameri-Trade, etc were around, but really only firms and really wealthy individuals were using them, because they charged commissions back then. At $12.99 commission fee PER SHARE - only the really wealthy could trade stocks and get in with those online broker's fees.

But, I had a close friend who's father was pretty wealthy from his real estate holdings (he had quite a few residential homes around town that he rented out) and I used to watch him trade stocks.

He told me something one day, that always stuck with me - "The greatest wealth creation machine known to mankind; is the Stock Market."

That was really my first introduction to Wall Street on a first hand basis.

Within the last 10 years, the rise of MANY online brokers such as RobinHood, WeBull, etc....that didn't charge ANY commission fees AT ALL on trades, allowed for everyone, regardless of wealth, to be able to trade in the stock market.  Thanks to those brokers - mainly RobinHood - they created Fractional Shares/Investing. 

What this means is, for example:


Stock X is $200.00 PER SHARE ----

You only have $25.00 to invest ----

So you will only get 1/8 of the share - a FRACTION or FRACTIONAL SHARE!

As you invest more money into Stock X - your Fractional Share will grow. And if every week, you put in $25.00 on that stock, in 2 months you will own ONE FULL SHARE of Stock X valued at $200.00 per share.

These brokers changed the game.  They changed the rules by which Wall Street was played.

It was then that the Big Boys had to follow suit.  Or lose business.  So now, E-trade, JP Morgan, TradingStation, etc, ALL the Big Players don't charge a commission at all, and allow fractional shares.

I was with RobinHood and E-trade from the early days.  I began trading every day!  I've lost alot, and I've made A LOT!  There is not ONE single trader or investor who hasn't lost money in investing. Even Warren Buffett loses money now and then, and he is hands down by far the BEST investor in the world.  And to this day, he'll tell you, "When I lose money, no matter how little or how much - it makes my stomach hurt." LoL  And that is the truth.

As I began to trade more and more, I suddenly came across this wonderful method, for trading.


See the DollarMonster Method in action:

Picking The Right Stock

Analyze the stock and decide if its the one to buy

Executing the trade (Buying The Stock)

I have taught thousands of members to do the same thing!  If I can teach them, I can teach you!

Who We Are

We are an Investing Club, a community of online stock traders and over the past few years I have built up the membership by showing others how incredibly easy this is!  We have new investors, and members who have been trading for YEARS!!


Myself, and other members just like YOU - get together everyday in the LIVE DollarMonster Discord Chatroom and discuss our gameplan for the day. Some members use the information they've learned to go into their own trade and NOT follow along with us. And that is fine too.

This is all about TEACHING you how to manage your own money. 


You will NOT be giving me or ANYONE else your money to invest for you. 


All you need to do to get started is literally open a brokerage account with a broker. I highly suggest you use RobinHood because it is very user friendly as well as being very Beginner Friendly as well as letting you invest with as little as $1.00. 


Your money and YOUR control of it will be totally in your hands the entire time with RobinHood.

After you have successfully opened your broker account and funded it, just come back here to DollarMonster and sign up as a member. You will then be able to check out the full course on the DollarMonster Method.

Check Out The DollarMonster Course

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