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When you join DollarMonster and become a member, you are given full access to my courses!  You also get full access AT NO EXTRA COST to all my tutorials, full access to the LIVE Discord Chat where you can see - LIVE - my trades each day, as well as meet and chat with me and all the other members. Included in the membership as well at no extra cost, is a subscription to The DollarMonster Newsletter & Updates, also my Daily Stock Picks - so you will know each day what stocks we're buying and can follow our gameplan!


Check out the DollarMonster Courses -

both are included when you become a DollarMonster Member:

Check out my LIVE Trading Videos

In this course on Day Trading you will learn how to pick the right stock to trade. Included you will learn how to spot Patterns, as well as Tutorials on everything from the Basics of How To Trade, to more complex things such as averaging yourself in for a greater price.  Better Price, more money.

In this course on Swing Trading you will learn how to pick the right stock to trade as well as learn when and how to Swing Trade.  Perfect for Beginners or traders who just want to make a little side income.

Stock Patterns.  These are an outline of the patterns that show up over and over again in the market.

Included at no cost - with both courses, are tutorials.

Come Join us in the Discord Chat so you can see our LIVE Trades as they happen, and follow along with us! 

Check out my stock picks to see what I'm buying and selling.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come join the DollarMonster family!

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